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We're a couple of guys from the UK, based in Brighton and London.

Perpetually struggling against both the foreseen and unforeseen hurdles of indie game development, we strive to make beautiful and challenging games.

Our current projects are aimed at mobile, but our sights are set on everything under the sun and there's a veritable medley of neat and interesting stuff in the pipeline.


Stay tuned!

Our name comes from "fika", the Swedish concept of having a break.

It's taking time out of your day to unwind; to appreciate the small joys in life - while having a coffee (and maybe a couple of pastries).

As a couple of friends, game designers and coffee lovers, so many ideas have come to us over fika. We find that the best ideas are often discovered through conversations in coffee shops. It's in these moments outside of the stresses of work, in the comfort of company and coffee that our minds are free to imagine and create.

In the spirit of fika, we hope to create through our games small moments of joy for people; to craft lovely experiences for those ever-so-important moments of downtime.

So grab yourself a coffee, this is just the beginning!

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